Controller Synthesis Made Real: Reach-Avoid Specifications and Linear Dynamics

TitleController Synthesis Made Real: Reach-Avoid Specifications and Linear Dynamics
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2018
AuthorsFan C, Mathur U, Mitra S, Viswanathan M
Conference NameComputer Aided Verification - 30th International Conference, (CAV)
Date Publishedjul
PublisherSpringer, Cham
Conference LocationOxford, UK

We address the problem of synthesizing provably correct controllers for linear systems with reach-avoid specifications. Our solution uses a combination of an open-loop controller and a tracking controller, thereby reducing the problem to smaller tractable problems. We show that, once a tracking controller is fixed, the reachable states from an initial neighborhood, subject to any disturbance, can be overapproximated by a sequence of ellipsoids, with sizes that are independent of the open-loop controller. Hence, the open-loop controller can be synthesized independently to meet the reach-avoid specification for an initial neighborhood. Exploiting several techniques for tightening the over-approximations, we reduce the open-loop controller synthesis problem to satisfiability over quantifier-free linear real arithmetic. The overall synthesis algorithm, computes a tracking controller, and then iteratively covers the entire initial set to find open-loop controllers for initial neighborhoods. The algorithm is sound and, for a class of robust systems, is also complete. We present RealSyn, a tool implementing this synthesis algorithm, and we show that it scales to several high-dimensional systems with complex reach-avoid specifications.